MBA Application Deadlines for Stanford GSB

The Stanford Graduate School of Business synonymous with innovation and collaboration is the place to be for MBA aspirants who believe in the promise that 'ideas' hold. Featured on the Top 10 list of MBA schools, pursued by MBA applicants and MBA admissions consultants alike, The Stanford Graduate School of Business is where world-class faculty, notable guest speakersand business leaders come together to add to the learning experience. 

The highly coveted Stanford Graduate School of Business recently published the following MBA application deadlines for the 2017-2018 admission session.

Round 1

  • Application Deadline: September 19, 2017
  • Notification Date: December 14, 2017

Round 2

  • Application Deadline: January 10, 2018
  • Notification Date: March 29, 2018

Round 3

  • Application Deadline: April 4, 2018
  • Notification Date: Mid May 2018

Applicant need to bare in mind that all required materials must be submitted by 10 a.m. Pacific Time on the indicated day of the deadline to be eligible for that particular round. The application will go live in June. 

For more information, regarding the academic experience, admission events, evaluation criteria, application materials, financial aid, student life, career impact, alumni community please visit the Stanford GSB admissions website.

To keep track of the deadline and to get more insights into the process it would be a good idea to get in touch with a MBA admissions consultant. Make sure to pick the one who has a verifiable track record and success rate and the one who is the perfect fit for you.

The upside of working with one of the best MBA admissions consulting firms is they steer you in the right direction while reducing the complexity and the stress that comes with the idea of getting into a top school such as Stanford GSB.

Word of caution: not all the consultants out there are legitimate. Hence take your time to do your own research and make the final decision based on recommendations and your personal understand of the service offerings. 


How to Pick the best MBA Admissions Consultant for Top 20 Schools

"I am so happy I finally found a good MBA consultant that cares about me and about my story!  I learned that the most important thing is to find a consultant that cares about you and has the experience necessary to create a winning application.   

My MBA admissions consultant was a total scam. A complete waste of $6,000. She kept trying to sell her coaching products to me. Neither that or her coaching helped me get into Harvard Business School or any other Ivy League business school.”

That’s what an unhappy applicant sounds like. Having worked with a leading MBA admissions consulting firm, the applicant felt she was ripped off.

She is not alone, as a rising number of cases are being reported about a complete mismatch between what MBA consultants promise and what they deliver.

Selecting the best MBA admissions consulting firm could feel like a Herculean task given a worldwide estimate of 300 plus such firms with 500 odd MBA admission consultants.

How then do you steer away from the trap and select a MBA Admissions Consultant to get into one of the top 20 Business School?

Instant attraction

Don’t instantly opt for a MBA admissions consultant who seems to be the most visible online. A company’s ability to maintain an updated blog or produce hourly tweets or offer free MBA application guides do not correlate to admission success rate. It merely means they have a digital marketing wiz onboard.

Boutique does not mean best

Do not fall into the one-on-one, personalized service claims made by the pop-up MBA admissions consulting boutique firms. Look deeper to assess whether they can add real value to your end goal of getting into your dream MBA school. Make sure they can provide you timely and relevant access to information and services. 

Referrals work the best

Reach out to acquaintances and people in your network who are already at one of the Top 20 MBA Schools. Either get references to the best MBA admissions consulting firms or get their opinion on your consideration list. 

Leverage the preliminary calls

Most MBA admissions consulting starts with a complimentary first call. Utilize this opportunity to vet the firms and make a decision based on your live interaction.

Know your strengths and weaknesses

This would be a great starting point as you would then be able to zero in on the perfect MBA admissions consultant - one that knows how to leverage your strengths and work with your weaknesses.

Value versus price

In the pursuit of saving a few bucks do not risk landing at the short end of the stick. A comprehensive consulting service is what you need to make sure you do not fall short of your goals. Hence paying a few hundreds more will only fetch you more value.   

Red flags

In your rush to find a solution don’t turn a blind eye to the red flags. Do not fall for over-the-top claims and guarantees. Stay away from the MBA application consulting firms that raise ethical flags by offering to write your application essays or letters of recommendations. These are nothing but fraudulent practices. 

In the end, it would not be great advice to ask you to trust your gut. This is a crucial decision and more than a judgement call, one should rely on facts such as the firm’s treatment of you, their commitment towards the process and testimonials and success rates. 


Top 5 Tips to Write the Perfect Harvard Business School Essay

As MBA Admissions Consultants we have been mentoring bright minds for over a decade now. Over the years there have been minor changes to the MBA application consulting process. With every change there comes an opportunity to advance. 

 The most recent change has been herald by Harvard Business School's announcement to reduce the essay count to one with no word limit. The current development may leave you feeling confident or make you stare at the blank page in front of you with apprehension.

No matter what your situation here are the top 5 tips endorsed by the best MBA admissions consultants in the business that will help you narrate your story in the Harvard Business School essay.

  1. Know your limits: Even though HBS does not explicitly state the word limit the best practice according to some of the top mba admissions consultants is to stick to 500 - 800 words. In the recent years Harvard Business School has shown a reducing trend towards the amount of reading. Prior to 2016 candidates were supposed to submit 4 essays of 2000 words each which was slashed to two essays of 400 words each and the recent move of further limiting that to one essay with no word limit.
  2. Know your worth: Using this opportunity to communicate your unique achievements that reflect your ability to innovate or highlight your leadership skills would be a wise move. Identify a fact that makes for a differentiating talking point and sheds light on your achievements. 
  3. Don’t be repetitive: Another crucial piece of advice that comes out during most mba admissions consulting sessions is to be mindful of repeating what you have already said. This essay should talk about things that the admissions officer at Harvard Business School hasn’t already learnt from your resume.
  4. Focus on giving: During mba application consulting sessions the experts always emphasis on the value associated with communicating how you can add worth and credibility to the brand Harvard Business School as a student and as part of its alumni. Hence highlight all credible advancements and accomplishments you have managed to garner in your professional life. 
  5. Less is more: One of the most crucial parts of an essay to Harvard Business School that all the top mba admissions consultants swear by is “less is more.” A candidates ability to be succinct in his or her communication is of utmost importance. Hence it is important to show some restraint while picking a central idea or a theme for your essay. Don’t get too over ambition and crowd the page with too much information. 

These top five tips will surely provide you with the framework necessary to dive into the most crucial part of your mba application process.

In the end, always remember to get an outsider’s preceptive to what you have produced. A trusted friend, a mentor, colleague or a professional mba admissions consultant will surely be able to add or deduct from the story that you have written and help you present yourself in the best light.


13 Mistakes To Avoid In Your MBA Application

The essay in your MBA application is a great opportunity to stand out from the crowd and show the admission committee the person behind the resume and the GMAT score. The essay is an extremely important element in the MBA application. However, many applicants have trouble with the writing process and make mistakes which could easily have been avoided. Make sure you don't fall into any of these 13 common pitfalls.

If you feel you need further assessment after the video, sign up for a free consultation!