Welcome to the waitlist

After the endless amount of hours you put into your application and into improving your interview skills, it feels more than discouraging to receive the “welcome-on-the-waitlist-letter”.

But there is no reason to give up now, on the contrary. Competition is fierce and unqualified applicant are not placed on the waitlist. Now you need to take the final steps into business school.

First things first. Read the letter the admission committee sent you. There will be a set of instructions. Either the ad com asks you to send additional informational, or they ask you to wait. No matter what they wrote, do it.

You may be so lucky to be provided with a little information on the application elements that determined their decision to put you on the waitlist. If they did – start working on that right away. If not, try to figure out what your application gaps could be. You can take a guess yourself, or you can hire an admission consultant to analyze your application for you.

One thing to look at, if you haven’t already, is the school’s admission statistics for GMAT and GPA. If your GPA is on the low end of the spectrum, enroll in some pre-MBA classes at a local university. Another important element that might be part of the reason is the lack of leadership in your application. Take a leadership role at work.

If you are asked for more information, make sure you show the ad com how much you have evolved in a short period of time. Inform them about recent accomplishments in your work life and show that you are trying to fill the gaps in your application. It’s important that they know just how passionate you are about their specific program.

A great way to show that is visiting Campus. Try to get a meeting with a member of the admission committee. Ask some additional questions and be ready to talk about your improvements and your application.

An important thing to remember here is that it can go both ways. Often applicants get too hung up on one outcome over the other. Yes, you should prepare to be dinged, just in case. You need to have a backup plan because it is possible that you won’t make it this year.   But the race is far from over. Many outstanding applicants are admitted from the waitlist.

We wish you the best of luck!