Why you should visit campuses now

There are several reasons why visiting Campuses is a great idea. Not everyone has the ability to do so, typically because of distance. If the schools you are planning on applying to are nearby, don’t cheat yourself out of an important experience.

There is no doubt you will achieve the most from visiting Campuses in the spring. Here is why.

The current MBA students are close to graduation. By now, they should have learned almost the entire curriculum, which opens up for extremely interesting and intelligent class discussions. If possible, sit in on one of their classes and experience the educational value of the program.

Another advantage is that the current students know the Campus, the teachers, and the program very well by now. Talk to the students, ask them questions about teaching styles, Campus life, why this program is better than others etc.

Most MBA programs are not in session during the Summer. When visiting in the Spring, you will find that Campus is buzzing with alumni going to class, hanging around Campus, attending study groups and promoting student clubs. You will get the full and authentic experience of the Campus atmosphere. This will not only benefit you in making a decision on which school(s) to apply to. It can benefit your application as well, especially regarding essays. You know the school better now, and there are things you can’t get out of a school’s MBA brochure.

As a bonus, most campuses are extraordinary sights in the Spring.

Have a wonderful trip and don’t forget that you can always contact us if you have any questions!