Top 5 Tips to Write the Perfect Harvard Business School Essay

As MBA Admissions Consultants we have been mentoring bright minds for over a decade now. Over the years there have been minor changes to the MBA application consulting process. With every change there comes an opportunity to advance. 

 The most recent change has been herald by Harvard Business School's announcement to reduce the essay count to one with no word limit. The current development may leave you feeling confident or make you stare at the blank page in front of you with apprehension.

No matter what your situation here are the top 5 tips endorsed by the best MBA admissions consultants in the business that will help you narrate your story in the Harvard Business School essay.

  1. Know your limits: Even though HBS does not explicitly state the word limit the best practice according to some of the top mba admissions consultants is to stick to 500 - 800 words. In the recent years Harvard Business School has shown a reducing trend towards the amount of reading. Prior to 2016 candidates were supposed to submit 4 essays of 2000 words each which was slashed to two essays of 400 words each and the recent move of further limiting that to one essay with no word limit.
  2. Know your worth: Using this opportunity to communicate your unique achievements that reflect your ability to innovate or highlight your leadership skills would be a wise move. Identify a fact that makes for a differentiating talking point and sheds light on your achievements. 
  3. Don’t be repetitive: Another crucial piece of advice that comes out during most mba admissions consulting sessions is to be mindful of repeating what you have already said. This essay should talk about things that the admissions officer at Harvard Business School hasn’t already learnt from your resume.
  4. Focus on giving: During mba application consulting sessions the experts always emphasis on the value associated with communicating how you can add worth and credibility to the brand Harvard Business School as a student and as part of its alumni. Hence highlight all credible advancements and accomplishments you have managed to garner in your professional life. 
  5. Less is more: One of the most crucial parts of an essay to Harvard Business School that all the top mba admissions consultants swear by is “less is more.” A candidates ability to be succinct in his or her communication is of utmost importance. Hence it is important to show some restraint while picking a central idea or a theme for your essay. Don’t get too over ambition and crowd the page with too much information. 

These top five tips will surely provide you with the framework necessary to dive into the most crucial part of your mba application process.

In the end, always remember to get an outsider’s preceptive to what you have produced. A trusted friend, a mentor, colleague or a professional mba admissions consultant will surely be able to add or deduct from the story that you have written and help you present yourself in the best light.